"Concentré de talents à découvrir d'urgence. Formidable énergie commune... programme parfait pour mettre en valeur l'engagement et l'étonnante cohésion du jeune ensemble."

Alain Cochard, ANOUSPARIS, octobre 2017

"Orchestre complice sans chef - "Bouffée de fraicheur avec A-letheia qui se distingue par son jeu lumineux et quelques partis pris audacieux bien dosés imprimés par son charismatique concertmaster"                                                            

La République de Seine-et-Marne, septembre 2017

The thurst for A-letheia's creation comes from a first experience with a similar role in a comparable ensemble in Boston from 2014 to 2016.


A-letheia's calling is to allow young professional musiciens to go forward in their career and learn in a malleable structure, fitting them. This ensemble unites 25 musicians from conservatories far and wide in Europe and the world, enriched with varied expertise and taste. This ensemble is justified by its own name: "aletheia" as in the greek for "truth", "a-letheia" as in "un-covering", "un-forgetting". Justified also it is by the desire of a shared changing leadership.


Each one's knowledge is tenuous as long as it is not confronted to the real, as long as it doesn't fulfill itself in creation, interpretation. Work here is fulfilled by creating together. Being a sculpture of temporal marble, the object of interpretation is devotion to the work itself, openness to the other, culture joint with a collective intelligence and trial. We desire to integrate in rehearsals dialogue of different paths leading to different views of a work. The message of music is its own presence; our joy of making comes from the fact that she is. 


Artistic direction and solo violin : Léo marillier


Anastasia Karizna, Emilie Berthod, Claire Aladjem, Judith Taupin, Pauline Klaus, Clara Froger, Sarah Jegou, Clémentine Bousquet, Camille Garin, Claudine Rippe, Natallia Sukhodolava


Aurore Montaulieu, Arabelle Audin, Jelena Llic, Perrine Pacherie-Basseux, Arianna Baldasso 


Axel Benedetti, Axelle Tahiri,  Hervé Blandinières, Milena Mouton, Camille Verhille, Lisanne Schick


Will McClain Cravy, Louis Siracusa

From : 

New England Conservatory of Boston, Haute-Ecole de musique de Lausanne, Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris, Royal College de Londres, Hochschule für Musik de Freiburg, Hochschule für Musik Saar, Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, Conservatoire Supérieur de musique de Kiev, Hochschule für Musik und Theater de Munich, Hochschüle de Weimar, Musikhochschule de Stuttgart, Conservatoire supérieur de musique de Rotterdam, Conservatoire supérieur de Tilburg, Manhattan School of Music in New York, Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel in Brussels, Conservatoire de Tokyo, Music University of Southern California, Akademie Slaastosper Hamburg, Guidhall school of music, Petrozavodsk Trompsp de Norvège, Académie de Musique de Belgrade, Université « Ca »Foscari »