"As well as being a fine violinist, his gifts as a composer/transcriber exhibit great promise. ..

Like Ricci, Marillier has mastered many of the virtuosic techniques required for this sort of music. Clear, well-focused harmonics, ricochet bowing and beauty of tone are especially evident. This is rhythmically alert playing, energized and vital. Lyrical sections are delivered with passionate, ardent fervour. Rubato is always subtly applied. The waltz-theme at the end is delightful....  Marillier shows great resourcefulness and flair in his transcriptions"- Web international Music,  3 April 2014

Transcriptions CD edited in 2014 by Forgotten Records

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Liszt, Réminiscences of Don Juan by Mozart

Adaptation by Léo Marillier for violin and piano

Delatour France editions

Published transcriptions

Liszt, Réminiscences of Don Juan, adaptation by Léo Marillier for violin and piano, Delatour France Editions, 2012


Arrangements and transcriptions :


Bach, 2 canons from the Musical Offering (for solo violin): canon cancricans, "quaerendo invenietis" (two versions)


Bach, Concerto for Harpsichord in d minor BWV1052, solo part arranged for violin


Bach, Ricercare a 6 from the Musical Offering, transcription for string septet


Bach, n.34 and 35 from St Matthew Passion, for solo violin


Bach, Fantasia and Fugue BWV542, for solo violin


Bartok, solo violin sonata, arranged for solo piano


Casals, El cant des Ocells, for solo cello, violin and two violas


Beethoven, Rondo in G, "rage over a lost penny" (violin and piano)


Beethoven, violin concerto (6 Cadenzas after the composer's piano version)


Beethoven, Benedictus from Missa Solemnis (violin and piano) – 2 versions


Beethoven, canons for chorus (solo violin)


Beethoven, theme and Variations from the Diabelli Variations, for ensembles (in progress), titled Otherings


Beethoven, sonatas opus 31 (n. 1,2,3) arranged for solo violin (work in progress)


Beethoven, performing editions of the violin concerto Op.61


Beethoven, sonata for piano and violin n.9 op.47 in A major, for violin and strings


Beethoven, cadenzas to the Romances op.40 and 50


Berlioz, le trébuchet, arranged for mezzo, tenor, and piano quartet


Brahms, cadenzas to the violin concerto


Brahms, performing editions to the Piano quartet op.60 in c and c sharp minor


Debussy, "Nuages" from Nocturnes for orchestra, arranged for solo violin - titled "νύ(ν)ages" (2017)

Second version of 2020

Debussy, Syrinx, violin performing edition


J.Europe, Castle-Ragtime, for violin, two violas, cello


G.Grisey, Anubis-Nout, arranged for solo violin


Haydn, sonatas in c minor (n.20) D major (n.24), b minor (32), c sharp minor (36), for solo violin


Ligeti, N°2, 5, 7, 8 from Musica Ricercata, for violin and viola, string quartet, viola trio and string trio


Ligeti, Continuum, several versions for violin and viola


Ligeti, Etudes 1,3, 6 for string quartet


Ligeti, Third Book of Etudes, for string quartet


Mahler, First movement of the First symphony, arranged for piano quartet


Mahler, Third movement of the Third symphony, arranged for piano, clarinet, and string quartet


Mahler, Sixth movement of the Third symphony, arranged for piano and organ


Mahler, performing edition of the 10th symphony (in progress)


Mozart/Liszt, Don Giovanni variations, for six violins


Offenbach, the Legend of Kleinzach from the Hoffmann Tales, arranged for violin, double-bass, mezzo, and mime


Ravel, Kaddisch from Two hebraic melodies, for violin and piano


Schoenberg, Satire op 28 n°1


Schoenberg, Symphonic Interlude from Jacob's Ladder, for two violins and piano


Schoenberg, Phantasy op.47, version for solo violin after the composer's manuscript)


Scriabin, Vers la Flamme op.72, transcription for 25 strings


Scriabin, Poème-Nocturne op.61, for violin and piano


Scriabin, piano sonata n.6 op.62, for orchestra


Wagner, Announcement of Death from the Walkyrie (violin and piano)


Wagner, Traüme from the Wesendoncklieder, for violin and piano


Wagner, Good Friday Spell (Karfreitagzauber) from Parsifal (violin and piano)


I.Xenakis, Nuits, arranged for solo violin